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White Cloud E-Cig Coupons and DiscountsWhite Cloud Electronic Cigarettes has been around since 2008 and has won many awards from CNBC, Business Journal, TopTenReviews, and Forbes. One thing that stands out is the battery life, number of flavors offered, level of nicotine strengths, and the quality of manufacturing. For anyone new to e-cigs, WhiteCloud is a reliable brand to start out with.

2017 Coupons for White Cloud Cigarettes

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White Cloud E-Cig

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White Cloud E-Cig

Information about the company: White Cloud E-Cig is a maker of quality electronic cigarette starter kits and disposable e-cigs. In this White Cloud E-Cig review, you will learn about the quality, product line, and options available to you, with this e cig brand. Not only are there rechargeable products, you can also choose from the latest disposable lines with the brand name as well. And, customers who like selection, are going to enjoy the variety that is available to them, when they are looking for new flavors and blends to try.

Disposables & kits

Customers can choose from a range of products. With the 5 pack disposables, you can get about 150 to 250 puffs, which is equivalent to 1.5 to 3 packs of cigarettes. No charging is required, simply take it out of the box, and it is ready to go. You can use it all at once, over a few uses, or over a few days or weeks. In terms of kits, there are also a few to choose from.

1. Starter kit comes with 5 cartridges, 2 batteries, USB charger, and a 6 month warranty.
2. Starter 2 kit is the same as the original, but comes with the squid charger, allowing you to charge up to three batteries at once.
3. Cirrus 3 kit has 3 batteries, 5 cartridges , the AC adapter, and USB charger.
4. Variety kit comes with 3 batteries, and allows you to customize the kit with the 5 cartridges you receive.

The warranties for your kits

Each of these kits comes with the 6 month warranty, limited to protecting the battery and electric parts of the e cig. It does not cover the disposables, as they are a one and done use product. Additionally, certain accessories like the chargers, are covered, but only from defects, and are under the 6 month limited warranty coverage as well.

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White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes Coupon

Flavor blends

For those who enjoy selection, there are a few options you can choose from with White Cloud Cigarettes for your cartridges. Tobacco, vanilla, menthol, chocolate, espresso, strawberry, lime & coconut, apple, peach pit, clove, cinnamon and zero k are the options that you can choose from. You can either order the same flavor in each pack, or you can choose the variety pack, where you can mix and match up to 5 of the top flavors that you like the best.


With each of these bold flavors, you also have the option to choose how much nicotine is in them. For those who want to quit, you can choose none; or, you can choose from light, ultra light, full, and extra strength; the ranges are from 0.8 up to 2.4% of the total nicotine levels that are found in tobacco cigarettes. So, you can either mix and match, or if you want to quit, can slowly wean off from the extra, down to the ultra light, and eventually stop using the nicotine all together. Each flavor offers each of the 5 levels of nicotine for you to choose from, when you are ready to place the order.


Chargers, battery packs, NFL packs, lanyards, and unique carrying cases, are all offered when you order through the White Cloud E-Cig site. You can either order the accessories individually, or you can order one of the top kits (higher priced options) to receive some of the accessories along with the order. The lanyards are great for individuals who forget or lose things easily; just tie it around your neck, and never lose the e cig. The portable chargers are also great for individuals who are always on the go. Simply put the e cig in the box, and in a few minutes you are going to be able to enjoy the flavor blends that you like the best. Carrying cases come in metal and leather, so you can find one that is suitable for you, and any situation you want to use it in as well.

White Cloud Cigarettes 50% off discount promotion

White Cloud E-Cig Pros:

With White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes, some of the benefits include:

– Selection of flavors, is far more extensive than other brands; and, there are more nicotine levels to choose from as well, so there is something for all smokers.
– The e cig is easy to use, and the two part design is leak free and lead free, for a cleaner and a smoother finish.
– There is an extensive line of accessories you can purchase, and you can fully customize the smoking experience, even down to your favorite sports team with some of the products that you can order.
– Affiliate program, as well as the customer service team that is always online, and you can always reach via email, phone, or through online chat as well.

White Cloud E-Cig Cons:

With White Cloud eCigs, some of the cons that customers may experience include:

– Flavor cartridges do not come in bulk, in as high of quantities as other companies, so the prices are a bit higher when you order.
– Certain kits do not come with the accessories, meaning you will have to spend more if you want to order carrying cases and other chargers for them.
– If you order the kit, you only receive a limited 6 month warranty on it. This, in comparison to a lifetime warranty which most other e cig manufacturers offer, is quite a bit shorter. And, if you ever have to replace the e cig past this time, you are going to pay the full price out of pocket for it.

whitecloudcigarettes sale promotionWhite Cloud E-Cig is one of the most elaborate brands, for the e cig smoker that likes selection and wants to have more than one option when they are ready to place their order for the flavor cartridges. The simple design is easy to use, and the extensive product selection is great for those who like to try out new products, but are not sure they would like to commit to any one product line just yet.

If you are looking for selection , and new product lines, this is a top brand to consider. It is a bit pricier, and does not cover as much as other e cig brands, but it does provide you with more selection, and more options in terms of taste, and the levels of nicotine that you can choose from with the e cig cartridges.

WhiteCloudCigarettes.com coupon update: WC is still offering the 50% off promotion. This sale was supposed to end around the new year but we were able to get a discount so the deal is still available.

For this promotion, no promo code is necessary so just add the items to your cart and the discount will be automatically applied to your order. Check back our site as we update our discounts weekly. Also, another tip for saving is to subscribe to WC’s newsletter. They tend to send private coupons via email to their customers.